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Phenix Consulting: tax, financials and controls for SAP

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The KEY Group and LiNKiT Consulting incorporated a joint venture company Phenix Consulting.

The combined knowhow of these 2 companies are used to develop and implement SAP software products and provide tailor-made SAP consultancy services.

Where the KEY Group focuses on those areas where Business Control, Information Technology and Tax come together, LiNKiT Consulting is specialized in Finance and Controlling providing expertise in Business Consulting, SAP-implementation and Product Development.





Phenix Booklet

Learning Lab: ‘cross border movements in SAP’

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We hosted the Learning Lab of the sharedserviceslink Conference – VAT compliance through SAP Control – in London November 19-21, 2014 on the topic ‘cross border movements in SAP’.  The objective was to facilitate and share knowledge on SAP and VAT. The learning lab slides have been transformed into a video as well.

Learning Lab Contents

Learning Lab in PowerPoint

Conceptual thinking

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Every feature developed by Taxmarc™ improves indirect tax performance of SAP in a specific area. For example the time stamped tax code solution prevents that a company ever runs out of tax codes. During our design phase the performance should not only exceed everybody’s expectation but should meet a company’s strict IT policy and procedures around software development & implementation as well.

Our functionality increases workforce efficiency, avoids rework, decreases risk exposures but as well increases visibility and awareness by which the tax function is able to set the right priorities.

As our solutions are in production for many years at listed multinationals we have a proven track record. Those companies are our client references. We are not just telling you what we offer but encourage you to validate.

However, the real strength is that we think ahead of our clients’ objectives for managing indirect tax. During solution design we anticipate that even additional functionality will become available by which all these objectives will be met when all our features work together. An example is our integrated Tax Control Framework and Data Analytics Module.

Our features do not only improve an individual SAP performance issue but synergies are reached when these individual building blocks work together. This could not have been achieved without the individual strength of performance of all our features.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. We have made certain that all our links are made of the strongest material currently known to man. Only that is what we consider best practice and revolutionary: ‘Nothing more and nothing less’.

All our features developed should meet the following test criteria: excellent performance in individual problem solving, contributing added value to overall functionality when all features operate together, satisfying client needs even beyond indirect tax and meeting the strict IT policies of a company.

Taxmarc™ Booklet


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