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Best SAP add on solution for VAT for a reason

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“It really takes a maximum of only 4 extra SAP tables to get our SAP add-on solution(s) up and running.  Other Add-on providers are trying to replicate our work.  A replication might be in practice cheaper than the original, however if quality service is the main driver where it relates to the company’s heart of its organization (its ERP system) and meeting a company’s strict IT policy is essential than such a bargain with the only effort of trying to replicate other people’s work without understanding the entire concept can backfire. Our add-on is in production for many years at listed multi billion Euro companies and client references are available. It is all about achieving client satisfaction for also the long run.”

In analogy with a car, we have tuned up standard SAP (i.e. given it extra brain power) to realize that extra indirect tax performance. The result is that the VAT treatment of all incoming and outgoing invoices is automatically determined for also the most complex transactions. In fact you have a SAP built in designated driver that makes that happen.

Even important is that you keep on driving safely. It therefore includes all the necessary safety features such as an integrated Tax Control Framework that stops the car or shows a RED light in an emergency table when danger is ahead.

Do you prefer a SUV instead of a supercar? That is possible as our features can be deselected and still added at a later stage. We are aware that not everybody needs a supercar immediately.

During Big4 software vendor selections Taxmarc™ has been selected various times as the ‘best’ SAP Add-on solution. Our Add-on is in production for many years at listed multi billion Euro companies.

A selection of our premium features:

  • Automated VAT determination of Inter-company and 3rd Party drop shipment chain transactions with 4 parties in the chain
  • Time stamped tax code design (never run out of tax codes)
  • Integrated Taxmarc™ decision tree in SAP as part of the Tax Control Framework with more automated real-time controls on transactions for VAT compliancy
  • In chain transactions with non EU countries the correct VAT treatment depends on which party is acting as importer or exporter of records. Additional data are used to either default the party acting as importer or exporter of records or define this at sales order level
  • Add-on checks the validity of VAT registration numbers against the European VIES database.
  • Data Analytics on the relevant VAT data for all sales transactions which provides a ‘Continuous Controls Monitoring tool
  • VAT management cockpit to monitor and maintain the VAT in a user friendly and cost efficient way.
  • VAT technical configurations and set-up options are grouped together in the standard SAP IMG

“The Add-on solution is also operational for non EU countries such as China, Chile, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and the US?”

Besides above features our premium includes as well all our features of our standard package:

Standard package of Taxmarc™ tabel

Overview core features and its added value

  • Solution type: SAP Add-on solution
  • Technology used: SAP ABAP


Taxmarc™ SAP solution2

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