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Standard package: SAP add-on for VAT

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The Standard package is primarily designed for companies that run medium complex business models. It offers a VAT compliant determination solution and does not only address the shortcomings in standard SAP VAT determination, but also ensures control of VAT with the integrated VAT Control Framework in a transparent and easily maintainable way.

It includes features to optimize workforce efficiency and realize lower maintenance costs. The Standard package automates all VAT determination for sales-order based transactions, including intercompany transactions and it ensures issuing VAT compliant invoices.

VAT Determination

The key objective is to define the correct VAT treatment for the specific sales transactions:

  • Automated VAT determination of: standard triangulation, VAT group scenarios, bonded/VAT warehouses, domestic reverse charge, special VAT regions (e.g. Canary Island), plants abroad scenarios, intra EU and export supplies and supplies of services
  • Automated VAT code determination for intercompany invoices
  • VAT determination based on available customer VAT registration numbers

VAT Compliance

In the VAT compliance functionality the invoice requirements and controls are covered:

  • Required VAT data to comply with invoice requirements
  • Automated sequential invoice numbers per tax jurisdiction
  • An integrated Tax Control Framework which ensures that transactions that fail to comply with VAT requirements are automatically blocked (immediate resolving the non-compliance) or processed via an emergency table (retrospective correction)

VAT Management

Functionality for effective and efficient management of VAT in SAP is possible with the following features:

  • Taxmarc™ Cockpit
  • Standard SAP IMG (Implementation Guide) functionality to implement and customize the Taxmarc™ solution and enabling easy and cost-efficient maintenance
  • Smart VAT condition design,using a maximum of approximately 250 conditions per tax jurisdiction (low maintenance costs)
  • Smart foreign VAT registration design: adding a new VAT registration number automatically activates the applicable VAT condition records and tax codes when a VAT country is already available in Taxmarc™

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