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‘Why’, ‘What’, and ‘How’ of Managing an Effective Indirect Tax function

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Table of Content

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Philosophy behind the GITM initiative – Richard H. Cornelisse

The objective of the GITM initiative is to set out and discuss the ‘Why’, ‘What’, and ‘How’ of managing an effective indirect tax function.

Impact of the increase of VAT rates globally: the greater the amount of tax in the system, the greater the tax risk. VAT errors could – as it is a transactional tax – negatively impact profit margin and shareholder’s value.

Besides the ‘Why’ it is important to know what needs to be managed within an organization. To support change of roles and responsibilities – e.g. governance and mandate – involvement of senior management is essential.

Change management is an important topic in various sections. How to realize sponsorship and make a difference? An overview of approaches, methodologies and best practice tools are included.

Richard H. Cornelisse


A roadmap to indirect tax function effectiveness

Planning of non-routine transactions

Building Blocks of an Indirect Tax Strategic Plan

Indirect Tax Risk Management

Building Blocks of a VAT Control Framework

Data and Technology



Indirect Tax Technical


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