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Country VAT/GST essentials | KPMG | GLOBAL

In General, Indirect Tax Automation, Indirect Tax Strategic Plan, Processes and Controls on 14/02/2014 at 8:51 am

Essential information regarding VAT/GST as it applies in various countries. The Country VAT/GST essentials are updated once a year.

Note: I like the initiative that this kind of information is provided free of charge. It is a next step and that means the trend is set (after VATLive, TMF) and many will follow to do something similar or provide even more. I have written about this in my article: “Is Google the Adviser of the Future“. – Richard Cornelisse

Each country profile contains information on the following subjects:

  • scope and rates
  • registration
  • VAT grouping
  • returns
  • VAT/GST recovery
  • international supplies of goods and services
  • invoices
  • transfer of business
  • option to tax
  • head office and branch transactions
  • bad debt relief
  • anti-avoidance
  • penalty regime

via Country VAT/GST essentials | KPMG | GLOBAL.

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