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B2C – VAT Change Per January 1, 2015

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How Taxmarc™ Contributes Added Value And Realizes A Cost Efficient implementation

In about one year, businesses anywhere in the world that sell e-services to final consumers within the European Union should have changed the tax determination logic of their ERP system.

Per January 1, 2015 this legislation will change the place of supply and the country of taxation of e-services (telecoms, broadcasting and ‘‘electronically supplied services’’) supplied to final customers (B2C), from the country in which the supplier is established to the country in which the consumer is resident.

These changes will have an impact on various service providers, such as:

  • Telecommunications companies;
  • Cloud computing providers;
  • Content providers (also mobile gaming);
  • Payment handlers or other intermediaries (e.g. cloud brokers).

Taxmarc™ Tax Engine and Taxmarc™ Basic are integrated SAP solutions and such law change is already foreseen in the standard Taxmarc™ package.

Due to the unique design of customer and service master data the law change is easy to implement. The configuration is available in Taxmarc’s IMG under ‘General Settings Supply Of Services Sales’ (see below Display IMG).

For companies not running Taxmarc™, an Taxmarc™ Add-on solution can be delivered.

The strength of Taxmarc™ is its design and infrastructure at hand. We do not provide patch up solutions, but a structured and flexible infrastructure in SAP to meet overall client needs. These needs have been the start point from a design perspective. That means not only from an operational and compliance, but as well strategic point of view:

  • Capture all the relevant VAT data for VAT determination in an efficient and effective manner
  • Fully automate the company’s supply chain
  • An Integrated VAT/ GST Control Framework: block transactions or put in emergency table for review
  • VAT/GST Cockpit for continuous ongoing monitoring
  • Use Real Time Data for planning purposes. For example multidisciplinary tax planning: TP, customs and VAT/GST via e.g. immediate access to company’s inter-company transactions without facing run time issues. All relevant data is separately saved within SAP and queries can be run without Data Analysis complications.

Easy Maintenance

Taxmarc™ Tax Engine and Taxmarc™ Basic are delivered with a ‘VAT cockpit’ to monitor and maintain the VAT in a user friendly and cost efficient way:

image001 2

All VAT technical configurations and set-up options are grouped together in the standard SAP IMG. Instead of multiple places in different modules and IMG trees a structured and transparant IMG tree for Taxmarc™ is created (Display IMG):


Taxmarc™ Add-On

Certain clients prefer to select their own features but still like to be certain that any de-scoped features now can be added later on?

This fits exactly the description of our new product: ‘Taxmarc™ Add-on’.

Taxmarc Add on I

taxmarc add on flyer 2

Taxmarc™ Add-on Flyer

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