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How to Use the Forum – Global Indirect Tax Management

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Access Global Indirect Tax Management Forum

The aim of the website is to share knowledge and to realize interactionThis Forum will be used by us to test our future deliverables (e.g. various questionnaires, country requirement overviews, best practice overviews) for the site as a kind of quality check. After feedback or approval of the Community it will always be placed on the GITM site for everybody to read and download (open source).Guest can read all the posts but can not post, download or upload files.

Registered Users can participate, download and upload files including draft deliverables of the website for review and feedback purposes.

Registered Users have own Avatars and can operate and provide feedback in an anonymous way (e-mail address wil not be visible).

In creating an account it is preferred that e-mail account used for LinkedIn or business e-mail address is used. Note other addresses are still possible. Only when we see unacceptable behavior an identity check will be part of our control measurements from a moderation perspective and e.g. the IP address of this account could be banned. We are aware that this might impact an entire organization and that such an approach could cause overkill.

We have set up various categories with a description of its scope:

When a post is made the first action is to select a category.

To start a discussion you could attach own supporting material (e.g. EU invoice requirements, article written, experiences) and request feedback. Such documents will only be placed on the website after your approval is received. You could already give this when you post in the following way: “I allow this attachment to be posted on GITM website, the source is either own name, generic description of function or anonymous.” Select what should apply.

Have you read articles of the website and have queries, like to take position or share experiences you could copy paste from the Table of Content and include in your postings, mention a statement or query in the subject and give in the post self your point of view, experience or raise additional question(s). We prefer open ended questions (Why, What, When, Where and How.)

This Forum can be used but is not yet fully operational. We are currently in a test phase with a selected audience to finalize the site, set up the forum (select right features and lay out).The community can share information, experiences and also file and attach hyperlinks to increase each other’s knowledge and thus improve the overall learning curve, but also lobby as due to its open source and the aim of this site it could be read by all indirect tax stakeholders both internal as external.

Keep An Open Mind And Learn From Each Other Is The Message That We Like To Get Across

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