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SAF -T- Portugal continued – passed: deadline first filing / upload ‘validation’ tool re Portuguese requirements

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Do you have a permanent establishment in Portugal?

The OECD has issued in May 2005 a guidance note on the development of Standard Audit File –Tax (SAF-T) and recommends the use of SAF-T as a means of exporting accurate tax accounting data to tax authorities in such way that can it can be analyzed easily. As mentioned in earlier blogs, the deadline for the first submission of SAF-T in Portugal has been passed on February 25, 2013.

Our clients have successfully met the requirements of the Portuguese tax authorities. The submission of the SAF-T file has been accepted by the Tax authorities as well as went through a review of a Big 4 Firm without material comments.

It is our experience that within a SAP environment it is very complicated to correctly configure this report and it will take significant resources and time to get the standard SAP report up and running in line with Portuguese tax authorities’ requirements.

Because of the complexity of the standard SAP SAF-T reports, the KEY group has used another approach and developed and now successfully implemented a stand-alone solution. It is a flexible solution based on our extensive knowledge of ERP/SAP systems combined with our audit and data-analytics capabilities. It is a tailor-made solution and for 1 customer it has been implemented within a 4 days.

In case you are facing issues in creating the monthly SAF-T reports for Portugal via SAP feel free to contact me. Together we can create a fit-for-purpose solution that will be cost effective and allows you to comply with the Portuguese requirements.

Upload this tool to check whether your data extraction actually meets the Portuguese requirements.

Robbert Hoogeveen is CFO of the KEY Group respectively Director Technology of Taxmarc™ and was the Indirect Tax System and Technology Leader at Shell International. Prior to that period, Hoogeveen worked as an IT Auditor for the Dutch Tax Authority for 11 years. Robbert is specialized in the design of solutions in which tax requirements, business processes, and system functionality are integrated, the implementation and the assessment of VAT functionality in SAP and/or tax engines, the design of VAT return processes, and the audit of indirect taxes by means of statistical sampling and data analysis.

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