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Informal Commission expert group discussions with Member States / set up of EU VAT forum

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Informal Commission expert group discussions with Member States

Informal Commission expert groups composed of representatives of national tax administrations provide the Commission a forum for consulting VAT experts from Member States on pre-legislative initiatives.

Until recently, the Commission’s Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union managed for this purpose Working Party No 1, a permanent group, and the Group on the Future of VAT, a temporary group established in the context of the Green Paper on the future of VAT.

These groups have now been merged into a single permanent expert group, named “Group on the future of VAT”.


Informal Commission expert group discussions with Member States – European commission.

EU VAT forum – call for applications for the selection of members

By decision of 3 July 2012 the Commission has set up the EU VAT forum.

The EU VAT forum is a structured dialogue platform to improve the relationship between the Business and tax authorities in order to create conditions for a smoother functioning of the present VAT system in the EU, reducing costs and administrative burden on both sides.

The forum’s tasks shall be:

  • to create a platform where business and national tax authorities experts can informally discuss tax administration issues in the field of VAT with which both parties are currently confronted in a cross-border environment;
  • to discuss practical insights provided by tax authorities, as well as business experts, and to elaborate on possible ways to manage the current VAT system more efficiently, including by combating fraud, in the interest of both parties with a view to achieving a smoother functioning of the current VAT system;
  • to assist the Commission in promoting good practice including the use of IT, which could culminate in a more efficient, secure, fairer and cost-effective VAT system in the interests of both parties;
  • to work, where necessary, in cooperation with any other appropriate bodies or committees dealing with VAT and administrative cooperation in the tax field.

The forum shall comprise representatives from the Member States and representatives of 15 organisations maximum representing business or tax practitioners.

The Commission is calling for applications with a view to selecting the EU VAT forum members representing business or tax practitioners, as mentioned in Article 4 (2) (b) of the above mentioned decision.

The applicants shall represent either business interests from large, medium or small enterprises in a pan European environment in EU VAT issues.

The representation in the VAT forum should mirror the relative importance of the different size categories of enterprises in the European economy. The members must be actively involved in the practical management of the EU VAT obligations for taxpayers operating in an EU cross border context.

The Commission is looking for businesses’ and tax practitioners’ European or international organisations.

For reasons of consistency and transparency, the members of the EU VAT forum shall be appointed by the Director-General for Taxation and Customs Union from organisations with competence in the areas referred to in Article 2 of the decision above mentioned, and who have responded to the present call for applications.

Read more: Commission Decision of 3 July 2012 setting up the EU VAT forum

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