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LA JOLLA, Calif., September 10, 2012 – As it nears the end of its Beta phase, TaxConnections™  is allowing tax professionals to sign up for free one-year memberships.

The site, which connects consumers with tax professionals worldwide in one click, already has professional members from over 40 countries, and, according to those tax professionals, TaxConnections is a welcome addition to the tax community.

Go through the Virtual Tax Office Button on the Home Page for a free membership!

“TaxConnections is a great way to promote your tax expertise to others — both professionals and potential clients,” stated Lisa Nason, co-founder of Nason Way Accounting, LLC in Greenville, S.C.

“For me, reading other professionals’ answers to questions posted has been a great learning experience, especially for certain state and international issues that I am not familiar with.”

Those professionals include corporate professionals from American Express, Caterpillar, eBay, Fremont Group, Givaudan, Hewlett-Packard Co., Marmon Group, Maersk, Nike and Starbucks.

A former Commissioner of the IRS is a member, as are partners from the Big Four accounting firms, international law firm partners, and board members of international tax associations, including and IFA. For them, TaxConnections offers a place to connect with other corporate tax professionals and discuss similar technical challenges their tax organizations face.

For independent tax professionals like Nason, a TaxConnections professional membership provides a new way to network and attract clients to their practices.

Every TaxConnections professional member receives a TaxConnections Boardroom, a virtual office where tax professionals can meet consumers one-on-one to discuss tax issues, answer questions, arrange video conferences, create their own library of articles, take client-specific notes, and track client scheduling.

Consumers must request access to the Tax Boardroom by telling the tax professional why they want to enter, and access is granted entirely at the tax professional’s discretion.

The value for tax professionals is obvious, but TaxConnections gives taxpayers a new way to get their specific questions answered by accountants, tax preparers, attorneys and other tax professionals at no cost.

The TaxConnections “Ask Tax Questions” feature allows consumers to ask questions and receive answers from tax professionals; the feature is available to professional members as well, giving them an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on tax issues on which they would like the input of other professionals.

In creating TaxConnections, founder and CEO Kathleen “Kat” Jennings has done what previously seemed a Herculean task: providing a simple way for consumers to find tax professionals online.

A board member of two international tax organizations agreed, telling Jennings, “Kat, you figured it out! We have been trying to figure out how to connect tax professionals worldwide and you figured it out. Very well done. You also figured out how to connect tax professionals to the consumers and organizations searching for them!”

As TaxConnections emerges from beta mode, Jennings and her team are seeking a first round of Series A stock funding for the company.

About Kathleen ‘Kat’ Jennings, CEO of TaxConnections™

Kathleen Jennings has more than 30 years of experience consulting to the worldwide tax community. She previously founded a leading consulting firm to multinational organizations where her responsibilities focused on searching for the very best tax professionals around the world.

TaxConnections was born out of her vision to help consumers worldwide save money with improved access to technically trained tax professionals. She wanted consumers to benefit from the opportunity to interact directly with tax professionals around the world.

Kat Jennings, CEO
858-999-0053 X100 offers European Tax Professionals a one year free trial membership at

We are nearing the end of our Beta stage with tax professionals from more than forty countries in Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals. Now we are giving the first 200 European Tax Professionals to make the request, a free  Promo Code through the Virtual Tax Office window at! is the very first interactive Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals.

We make it easy for more than one billion consumers searching  for tax help each year online to find a tax professional.

We encourage European Tax Professionals to request a free one year membership at Limited time opportunity!

Example: The TaxConnection profile of Richard Cornelisse, CEO of the KEY Group.

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